Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO's)

Agencies who may apply for an ASBO

Different kinds of agencies can apply for an ASBO. Watch out for the perpetrator's human rights though! Sorry, who's Human Rights did you say?!

Within the framework of partnership working, which is vital, more agencies than ever before (since 1999 when the ASBO was brought into existence) can apply for an ASBO.

Agencies that can apply for an ASBO are -


Local Authorities (LA's) including the London Boroughs, District Councils, The Corporation of London, Welsh Counties, English County Councils, County Boroughs and the Isle of Wight can all apply.


The British Transport Police and the regular Police Forces are equally able to apply for an order.


Registered Social Landlords (for example Housing Associations, Trusts, Co-operatives, etc) that provide social housing. Those that run as a business, but don't trade for a profit and are registered with the Housing Corporation.


The British Transport Police, Housing Action Trusts and Registered Social Landlords may make an application for an ASBO in cases of anti-social behaviour affecting property and places that they have direct responsibility for and where the anti-social behaviour instigators will probably be close to or within those places.


Any person or group on the receiving end of anti-social behaviour will realise only too well how frightening, distressing it can be. Victims feel powerless and unable to defend themselves legally.


It is possible for a witness to anti-social behaviour to stay anonymous during the process and hopefully avoid any fear of retaliation from the anti-social person(s) - this is termed as "hearsay evidence". Other professionals are able to supply information and evidence as an advocate (on behalf of) for any witness that is deemed to be a witness at risk.


If a person who is unwillingly living in a community (or even literally next door to!) a person or group who consistently, spitefully and deliberately attempt or suceed to endanger, distress and harass a victim of ASB, it comes as no surprise that a victim is very fearful of a serious and very real act of retaliation or revenge.


You’d be forgiven for feeling that someone who inflicts anti-social behaviour on you or your community doesn’t deserve any human rights. After the misery, aggravation, nuisance, fear and behaviour that someone or some group may have inflicted who else wouldn’t feel this way? But, there’s no getting away from it, even those that create anti-social behaviour are entitled to their human rights.

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